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Drill Hole Directional Surveying


The isGyro is an easy to use MEMS memory gyro system for borehole surveying. The download and processing times are very fast and the tool can survey for up to 15 hours on a single battery charge. No special pre- or post-survey procedures are necessary to get into the hole. By having the set-up as simple as possible, precious site-time is saved before and after the survey and potential sources of human error are reduced.

The isGyro is based on robust MEMS technology and contains no moving parts. The hardware design is completely modular to ensure fast turn-around of repairs. There are no magnetometers in the system and the isGyro can accurately survey in magnetic environments.

The team at Inertial Sensing has developed its own technology platform for attitude navigation. This has been further optimized and fine-tuned to meet the demands of borehole surveying and is the core of the isGyro. The accurate calibration and navigation methods used by Inertial Sensing are based on well-known solutions from the aerospace industry to ensure top performance. This allows the isGyro to deliver results very quickly and accurately in the field.

The isGyro delivers accurate results with very high speed, processing of 1 hour's worth of survey data is complete in mere seconds while the data download requires only 4 minutes. This is achieved by combining advanced sensors, state of the art microprocessor systems, efficient data collection and processing techniques unique to the isGyro. The modern electronics design is very low on power consumption and can survey for 15 hours on one battery charge.

The isGyro is robust and reliable, it is power efficient, has super-fast processing, all inclinations and quality control.


For information view - www.gyromax.com.au 


The isGyro is an easy to use MEMS memory gyro system for borehole surveying, it's very quick and accurate in the field with high-speed processing.