Geotech/Engineering Logging

Our expert team of scientists can provide innovative solutions for your engineering and geotechnical requirements. Dual density and full wave form sonic probes can calculate mechanical rock properties including;

    • Density
    • Porosity
    • Poisson’s Ratio
    • Shear Modulus
    • Young’s Modulus
    • Bulk Modulus
    • Bulk Compressibility

The sonic full wave form analysis allows for the determination of cement bond integrity, crucial in high pressure environments.

Our acoustic scanner provides an orientated 360 degree image produced by ultrasonic pulses.

    • Fracture detection and evaluations
    • Determination of bedding and fracture dip
    • Lithologic characterisation
    • Breakout analysis
    • Casing inspection
    • Relative formation hardness / degree of consolidation
    • High‐resolution calliper measurements

Do you have specialist requirements?

DUS can hire or interface specialist tools if required. Don’t hesitate to ask our highly experienced team to assist with all your geotechnical needs.


Downhole Video for Borehole Inspection

The Mighty Cam is a complete system capable of producing comprehensive on-site inspections of borehole casing.

It is connected to a waterproof,  colour camera attached to a 300m motor driven reel recording a depth-encoded, high resolution video.