• Quality, Timely, Cost Effective

    Down Under Surveys are an experienced Land Surveying (using survey grade GNSS receivers) and Geophysical Data Acquisition Company providing quality, timely and cost effective services throughout Western

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  • Land Surveys

    Down Under Surveys has have carried out many GPS land surveys for the Mining and Exploration industry in Australia and internationally.  We have worked with some of

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  • Gravity Surveys

    Down Under Surveys provides quality gravity data for all your exploration requirements. Regional to high detail scale, DUS can efficiently plan and carry out all aspects of

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  • Drill Hole Surveying


    The isGyro is an easy to use MEMS memory gyro system for borehole surveying. The download and processing times are very fast and the tool can

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  • Natural Gamma Logging

    Geological Interpretation of Gamma-Ray Logs

    This system detects natural gamma radiation emanating from sub-surface rocks.   Gamma rays are very high frequency electromagnetic radiation derived from the radioactive

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  • Gamma Uranium Logging

    Total Count Gamma Tool for Uranium Exploration

    Down Under Surveys uses a Total Count Gamma tool to detect uranium mineralisation in drill holes. In order to do

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  • Sidewall Density

    Geological Interpretation of Density Logs

    Caliper and Density sondes have application in coal, iron ore and groundwater exploration as well as engineering and other mineral exploration.  In

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  • Magnetic Susceptibility

    Geological Interpretation of Magnetic Susceptibility Logs

    Magnetic Susceptibility is the degree of magnetization of the surrounding rock in response to an applied magnetic field allowing the interpretation

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  • Induced Conductivity

    Inductive Conductivity

    The electrical conductivity of a porous unconsolidated material is a function of the combined electrical conductivity of the matrix or framework and the pore fluid.

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  • Geotech / Engineering

    Our expert team of scientists can provide innovative solutions for your engineering and geotechnical requirements. Dual density and full wave form sonic probes can calculate mechanical rock

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  • Mapping

    Down Under Surveys has 20 years of experience in data and image processing using Earth Resource Mapper software. We provide a large range of digital and hardcopy

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